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Air Conditioning


Southern California's hot climate is a force to behold. It's great for beach days with the family but we understand that sometimes you just want to relax on the couch with the AC blasting! We value your comfortability and work hard year-round to keep you and your family as cool and comfortable as possible! 

Air Conditioning Experts

Our technicians are trained and experienced to handle any air conditioning issue. Whether you're having problems with air flow, the unit isn't cooling enough, or there's a funky noise coming from it- we can help!

Elim HVAC's mission is to provide you with the best possible solution that meets your AC needs. 

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Diagnostic & Inspection

Our  air conditioning service call entails that our technician reviews the system in its entirety. Whether you have a central AC, split system AC, packaged unit, mini split, or heat pump- we've got a repair for it! 

Book a service call and you'll get $99 towards the repair costs! 

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Packaged Unit
Packaged Unit

All in one large space air conditioner, with reliability and versatility while also saving you interior space.

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Ductless Mini Split
Ductless Mini Split

Cooling flexibility by zone, minus the ductwork. Easy installation and lower utility costs.

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Central Air Unit
Central Air Unit

Improve indoor air quality and regulate temperature. Total control over interior comfortability.

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Heat Pump
Heat Pump

Energy efficient and long lasting. Heat pumps are the future and will save you money in the long run.

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Air Conditioning Diagnostic

Your air conditioning system is vital to your home. There are lots of benefits for you (and your home) when you have an air conditioning system. Air conditioning controls temperature and humidity in your home or business. Now, in rise of Covid-19, having an air conditioner can also help you ventilate your home. Having AC is your home's best commodity. 

When diagnosing your system our certified technicians analyze each aspect of your air conditioner. The tech will run different tests checking for a range of issues with, for example, the blower motor, compressor, obstructed duct work, evaporator coils, and much more! 

Maybe your system is working, but not to the best of its ability. Regular tune-ups are always recommended to keep your unit working reliably and efficiently. Be sure to ask about our yearly maintenance plans for air conditioners, including 3 customizable visits through the year, starting from the day of the first visit! 



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Verified Repair

Location: Inglewood, CA 

Quality AC Repair

When your AC performs well, you're actually saving money and this can have negative impacts on you. Older systems run more energy, resulting in more money spent on your utilities bill. Their repairs may also be costly and not necessarily worth it. At Elim HVAC, we also offer installation for a
replacement and upgraded HVAC system
 that you
can be happy with and that will 
benefit you in the long run

We don't just want to have your unit working, rather working well! We are trained to offer repairs for common and complicated air conditioning issues such as; filter changes compressor repairs, circuit board replacement, maintenance, blower motor repairs, obstruction of air duct, and more! We can either repair or replace all components of your air conditioning system! 

Trust Elim HVAC with your air conditioning repair. Our technicians are trained to assess and recognize whatever issue your furnace may be dealing with. In our vehicles we carry equipment, supplies, replacement parts, and filters for the common repair. Our technicians will also inform you if the issue is a bit more complicated and will require ordering of parts. Nonetheless, you can trust us to get the job done right and efficiently.



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